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Campbell's 2006 Quiz Questions
 by John P. Campbell

Campbell ís 2006 Quiz Questions, written for the high school level, offers 20 rounds of 100 questions each, taken mainly from former competition rounds. Not indexed.

#B4004     214 pp.     6 x 9    Paperback        $16.95  



Campbell ís 502 Lightning Rounds   by John P. Campbell  

Campbell ís 502 Lightning Rounds, written for the high school level, combines and reformats the former 213 and 214 books, with the addition of 75 new rounds. Each 60-second round consists of 10 rapid-response questions on the same subject. Indexed by title.

#B4005   255 pp.     6 x 9      Paperback     $16.95





Campbell ís Potpourri VI of Quiz Bowl Questions

by John P. Campbell


Questions arranged in quiz bowl format on a wide variety of academic subjects, such as science, fine arts, mythology, and world geography. Book includes 25 rounds of toss-up and 4-part bonus competition questions for over 2,500 questions (and answers). Indexed. Written for the high school level. (Potpourri I, II, III, IV, and V are no longer in print.)

#B439   319 pp.      6 x 9     Paperback  $14.95






Campbellís 3001 Quiz Questions  CD       
by John P. Campbell 

Campbellís 3001 Quiz Questions, written for the HIGH SCHOOL level, offers 30 rounds of 100 well-researched academic questions designed for rapid response. Available in CD format only.

#B427CD  290 pp.        CD     $12.95    






A book everyone should have.

Campbell ís Constant Quiz Companion: The Middle/High School Book of Lists, Terms, and Questions 


A great book has became the best ever quiz/reference book, one loaded with academic and cultural knowledge all teams will need for success in quiz bowl competition as there are approximately 20,000 entries in 365 pages of lists and terms, and 60 pages of 1,200 multiple-part questions. This edition features material such as presidential quotations, U.S. history, and world history quotations and U.S. and world history time lines.   


#B4552   425 pp.      6 x 9  Paperback    $24.95





   CD for 

Campbell ís Constant Quiz Companion: The Middle/ High School Book of Lists, Terms, and Questions    CD


  CD can be used on your computer,  Nook, Kendal, or E-reader.

 #B4552CD           $24.95
       &  Special Offer.


Campbell ís Constant Quiz Companion: The Middle/High School Book of Lists, Terms, and Questions  

                           Book    AND     CD.


B4552PK             Only $39.95


Site License

This license allows you to run the program on a network so that the entire school can connect to your server and use the CD.    Includes one copy of Campbell's Constant Quiz Companion book and one CD.       $89.95

#B4552CLX With purchase of item #B4552CL, you may purchase additional CDs for only $10.00 each.



Campbellís High School/College Book of Lists CD offers hundreds of lists in 25 categories, such as proverbs and idioms; foreign words and phrases; American and world authors; literary characters; literary quotations; Greek, Roman, Arthurian, Norse, and Egyptian mythology; fine arts; biblical phrases; U.S. and world geography; including famous quotations; world history and famous quotations; math questions with hints for solutions; and all science fields.  

The CD is in Adobe format and allows for the use of Adobe* search, copy, paste, etc. features. This allows you to create your own personal lists and questions. Book is out of print. The CD contains the entire book and allows you to copy, paste, search, etc. using Adobe. If Adobe* is not already on your computer, it is available free from www.Adobe.com

CD for High School / College Book of Lists  Reg. $27.95 on sale NOW for only $16.95 #B7555.

 Adobe or can be downloaded free from www.adobe.com or by clicking below.

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