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We offer a comprehensive catalog of quiz bowl materials and equipment.

Quik Pro Buzzer Systems and Other Materials for Quiz Bowls

4D Designs LLC, Quik Pro Systems, Patrick’s Press is your source for quiz bowl and trivia books, competition questions, study guides, and Quik Pro Buzzer Systems. Our products are available for customers all over the World.

The Quik Pro Buzzer System

Our Quik Pro buzzer/lockout system is a tool that makes quiz bowls a lot more exciting. It is very responsive and can be customized.

Quik Pro Systems Patricks Press

Who Needs It

Academic teams or quiz bowl groups gain a huge advantage when they have our Quik Pro buzzer system. This can be used during practice to enhance their speed and prepare for whatever comes during the real event. The Quik Pro buzzer system is also essential for quiz masters or organizers of various competitions, including Scholar's Bowl, Brain Bowl, or Governor's Cup.

Refurbishing Services and Parts

Whenever a component needs fixing, we have a team of trained technicians ready to perform quality repair work. Let us take your old Quik Pro buzzer system and completely refurbish it so it will look and function like new.

Quik Pro Systems Patricks Press

Why Choose Our Items

All our products are handmade in the U.S. using high-grade materials. They are also versatile, attractive, durable, and fast.

Endorsed by the Helen Ruffin Reading Bowl

Our Quik Pro system is the recommended system for the Helen Ruffin Reading Bowl. The participants and organizers depend on our equipment for a smooth competition.

A Versatile and Convenient Tool

There are 22 different configurations available, allowing facilitators to set it up according to the needs of the event. In addition, the system is easy to assemble and is highly portable. It is also backed by the Quik Pro Systems Guarantee for our customers’ peace of mind.

Quik Pro Systems Patricks Press